Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Waking up to Spring

Flowering in the Forest Garden right now:

Cornus mas--Cornelian Cherry. Large shrub with yellow flowers that come out before the foliage, we had a bumper year last time with a heavy crop from both the bushes, but there is a new boy on the block so there are 3  in flower this year, ever tried Cornelain Cherry Jam? its really good.

Prunus tomentosa -Nankin cherry this failed last year due to a late frost so lets hope it gets through the next few weeks without damage. Small bush 1 x1 mt, delightful pink/carmine flowers Produces small red tart cherries great raw or cooked.

Just around the corner are cherry plum,japanese plum,almond and apricot.There will be a riot of blossom from now on.