Friday, 17 August 2012

"Give Me Sunshine"

Go on........... just  little............ look what happens when you do!!!!

A hoverfly enjoying the nectar from knapweed

Juicy Worcester berries ripening

Hops climbing up their bines(they used to scramble up an old quince but it became diseased and non productive and so sadly had to go ) the bines were made from Phormium tenax(New Zealand flax). The frame was from coppiced hazel taken out of my hedgerow.

A few days of sun and an attempt to make hay here are the windrows ready for spreading to dry in the sun(we hope)

And finally on the last of  the few sunny days a visit from the West Wales Goat Society here seen posing by Mulberry tree with my rather optimistic but splendid picking ladder in the background. They had a great time following me around and avidly taking notes, asking many questions and it seemed, genuinely enjoying themselves.

Most enjoyable of all was the inevitable tea and cakes provided most generously by my neighbour Gill (the wife was away) and the interesting conversation (not all about goats). I did learn that half of the members don't even keep goats but are members because of all the interesting meetings they have around different projects around West Wales. Good for them, it was a pleasure to have such an interested group visit and they will be most welcome to return any time.

The rain did stop for a short while later on when I was able to get my hay racked and bailed with the help of 2 lovely woofers, more on that next time.