Saturday, 11 May 2013

Spring has Sprung at Last

Yes but what a long wait.

But I was able to get on with in-between.........

Got our log burning range delivered and up and running...... fantastic, but it will be a challenge keeping up with the demand for logs next winter so I spent a bit of time sawing and splitting too.

 Had some little visitors, made a box cart out of recycled bits courtesy of the "Small World Theatre"
in Cardigan and had just the place to try it out. What a great building and a super crew:

Had some big visitors;

Coppicewood Woodland Skills students came for their day in the FG as part of the course had a morning scything and a guided tour in the afternoon. These guys take sustainability seriously, they have just finished 6 months 2 days a week coppicing a 1 acre plot, out in all weathers, so a nice day with me was just reward.For more info go to:

Ran a Scything course for 2 keen prospective scythers. We covered all aspects including setting up a brand new scythe to hand peening using a hammer and anvil.
Anyone interested in learning to scythe with particular emphasis on land management or who would simply like a day in the FG learning a new skill do contact me at

Then the sun shone and it warmed up and look what happened.



in full flower

Golden Hornet
ready for the bees.

 Feeding time in the FG, my treasured wood ash   being applied prior to mulching. Besides this I  also apply leaf mould and watered down urine.

This is a great time to check the health of all trees and shrubs, as any problems can easily be spotted by looking at the emerging leaves, checking for colour and vigour. So far all mine are very happy except those plants that have been damaged by the cold damp conditions  we have suffered lately. These include Prunus tomentosa (Nanking cherry) and Arbutus unedo (Strawberry tree)
It rained at last!!!! the grass grew and  I got
scything to collect green hay for topping up cardboard mulch.

It is vital that the ground has a thorough soaking before any mulch is laid. We have just had plenty of rain so its back out to put down that mulch and check on my newly planted trees.

Till next time