Sunday, 23 June 2013

                      The Compost Loo Construction Begins

Well yes I could have ordered one of those ready made affairs, some look just like a council loo and some like a cutesy shed, but mine is for a Forest Garden and I am chair of Coppicewood College so it had to fit a different genre.

So Jamie Miller was invited to design mine. Jamie is a Coppicewood "Old Boy"
and has gone on to be one of the most innovative round wood timber framers in this part of the world, his brief was to look at the environment around the chosen site and design something that would enhance the garden yet of course be practical and produce compost for use round the trees.

So the work commenced in early June when the weather was fabulous.

Jamie and his team, Ray(ex Coppicewood Student) and Blue (Jamie's Apprentice) had pre prepared the Larch poles by peeling the bark and making the mortise and tenants joints.

Next the but ends of the verticals were charred in the fire pit.

Ray made the pegs on his trusty shave horse and these were used to secure the uprights to the ridge poles and all the other joints. Then the frame was raised.

Next on went the roof and the interior framing
Now the cladding and floor boards, all made of Douglas Fir
Almost complete but I will have to wait until next Month for the final touches.
All the wood used on this construction has come from the local area.

Jamie and his team are off to Glastonbury to lead Timber Framing Workshops so I will have to wait until they get back for the completion. All in all it will take 4 days to finish and then I my family and my guests will be able to enjoy a peaceful poo in the Forest Garden. Oh joy!!

Meanwhile a couple of highlights in the Garden itself.
My first flower on the Cornus Canadensis (creeping dogwood) planted last winter.

Gooseberries shaping up nicely

Using the brash from winters coppicing over cardboard with green hay on top for mulching an apple tree
The finished job which from previous experience will last for 2 years

This beautiful foxglove just turned up in an dormant area of the FG, isn't nature fantastic.
 My next post will have pics of the completed loo and some comments about what plants have thrived and those that have not over the past 2 seasons. Till then!!