Saturday, 13 July 2013

Compost Loo Finished and In Use

Yes its done and we are now "Happy Crappers"

Surrounded by Willow, Alder, Blackcurrant's and Gooseberries
Jamie Millers splendid creation looks as though it belongs. Now there is a special link between Jamie and me. Jamie was one of the original students at Coppicewood College (I am the Chair of the Trustees and have been since Jamie's time) Jamie went on to become one of our first Instructors on the 6 month Woodland Skills Course following which he specialised in timber framing eventually starting his own business. He is now working out of Longwood Woods in Lampeter which has become one of the largest community woodland schemes in Wales.

What's more working with Jamie is Ray Miller who also completed our WS Course 2 years ago. This
is just one of many success stories following the Coppicewood  students for whom many have confirmed was a "Life Changing Event". There are just 2 places left on this years course and you can find out more here:

Jamie (Right) and apprentice Blue with the finished job

Kathy  (right) and Gill buddying up though only on can go at a time 
If you are interested in Jamie's work you can contact him at

Just time for one other bit of FG news.

Strawberries are outrageous this year

The weather worked out just right for these fantastic fruits, packed with vitamins and minerals.

I can't resist quoting from the Players Theatre anthem as follows:

"Cherries so red, strawberries ripe,
At home of course they'll be storming.
Never mind the abuse, you have the excuse
You went to Covent garden in the morning"

Perhaps its just a swell we got the Compost Loo going as I can confirm its been a busy place recently.

Next time the fantastic Juneberry.

Till then enjoy this cracking summer.